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Primavera P6 EPPM for New Product Development

Today, it’s an accepted fact that the key to increasing profitability and growth is innovation. Companies considered to be successful innovators are seeing 43% of their profits coming from products launched within the past 5 years. An impressive 65% of those products meet sales objectives, and over 67% meet their profit objectives. But the most significant fact is that top innovators see their new products sell 2.5 times more, and they achieve 10 times higher returns from their new product investments.

What separates high performance innovators from the rest?

  • A strong commitment to innovation and clear alignment of business and innovation strategy.
  • A customer-focused idea-to-launch process with rigorous go/kill decision gates.
  • Systematic portfolio management, with portfolios that contain high-value projects.
  • Excellent project execution and highly efficient allocation of resources across all stages from idea to launch.

Oracle Primavera for NPD can help your organization become a high-performing innovator. Our products enable you to: shorten the time to market for new launches, increase your innovation rate, increase new product sales and reduce new product development costs. We do all this by balancing all of your product development resources for optimum strategic, financial and operational impact across all product lines in all product life cycle phases.


Oracle Primavera combines core PPM capabilities with specific functionality for new product development.

Portfolio Management

Select and prioritize winning products based on targets, performance, budgets, and people.

Idea-to-launch Management

Manage people, projects and products throughout the product development process.

Pipeline Management.

Prioritize and sequence development projects to balance resource demand and capacity.

Project and Resource Management

Increase NPD project success through effective cross-functional planning and collaboration.

Oracle Primavera for NPD’s unparalleled focus on people-powered innovation has already helped world-class companies boost their revenues, accelerate time to market and increase NPD efficiency. No matter what your industry, Oracle Primavera for New Product Development can help you win at introducing new products.

Whether your most critical driver is product strategy, program visibility or global launches, Oracle Primavera for NPD provides a broad and deep functionality that can be implemented in phases for immediate impact. Uniquely comprehensive, extremely configurable, and massively scalable, Oracle Primavera for NPD ensures that your people drive innovation the way that they should.


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