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Primavera Schedulers & Project Scheduling Consultants

Let our Primavera Consultants Manage Your Primavera CPM Scheduling Requirements on Your Project.

PSG's Primavera Consultants, Project Schedulers, and Project Control Personnel
will provide eveything from the PC to the softwares necessary to manage your project schedule, maintain required reporting and manage any related aspect of your project such as earned value reporting, change management, updates, look-ahead schedules, "what-ifs" scenarios, and schedule narratives.  

Primavera Scheduling Service Primavera Scheduling Service  

Our turn key Primavera P6 Scheduling Services PSG's team is proficient with Primavera SureTrak, P3, P3e/c, Primavera P6, rel 8.x, 15.x and Microsoft Project. Supporting customer projects for outages / turnarounds, construction scheduling on short and long term project controls staffing needs.

  1. Pre-bid Primavera P6 Schedule Development: PSG will develop a baseline schedule per your contract specifications using Primavera P6. Our consultants can also attend regular schedule meetings.
  2. Project Controls / Coordination: PSG will develop a Primavea P6 baseline schedule per contract specification generate updates and other reporting as a representative of your firm.
  3. Primavera P6 Schedule Development / Maintenance: PSG will develop a baseline schedule per your project specification and also train your project personnel on how to sustain reporting requirements.
  4. Primavera P6 Software / User Training: PSGs consultants will provide the required Primavera software as well as provide training per your primavera scheduling specifications.

PSG Primavera Consultants have assisted clients from a broad range of industries on long and short term project engagements.  Contact us Today

Client: Dakota Gasification
PSG worked with executives and project stakeholders to define a method for streamlining projects from start to completion improving organizational performance.

Client: AECOM
AECOM supports Afghan citizens in stabilization programming.  PSG provided baseliine schedule, weekly updates and staff augmentation in support of the stabilization programs objectives
Basin Primavera Scheduling Services
Client: Basin Electric
PSG provided expertise in theoretical and practical aspects integrating Primavera software into the company's business processes providing visibility for decision support.
Marathon Primavera Schedulng Services Provider
Client: Marathon Petroleum
PSG developed baseline, updated and analyzed CPM schedules for  electrical subcontractor for DHOUP Marathon's heavy oil upgrade project. PSG scheduling services effectivly coordinated and sequenced a critical work force and constraints for timely project delivery.
CMS Energy Primavera Scheduling Services
Client: CMS Energy
PSG provided the Baseline schedule and manages the weekly project updates between the Owner and Contractor, as a multi-year engagement PSG's staff establish individual accountability for the crafts and for subs-contractors to track issues, risk and changes critical to the success of the project.

Client: Honolulu Rail System
PSG developed baseline and maintained a highly phased project schedule that was resource and cost loaded for 21 Rapid Transportation stations.
Chicago Public Schools Project Management
Client: Chicago Public Schools
PSG provided baseline schedules resource and cost loaded, weekly updates and related project controls for multiple faciliites in 12 wards.

Client: Port of Long Beach
PSG worked with Shimmick to deploy the project management systems and services to meet its Gerald Desmond bridge project requirements
primavera software national laboratory
Client: Liedos National Labs
PSG migrated the lab from legacy systems, consolidating disparet databases.  Migrated old Primavera software to latest Primavera 8.x plafform, defining process improvements and delivering tailored training to teams.

Client: MYR Group
PSG deployed the primavera software solutions to meet the challenges of the CapX2020 projects. Project controls and document management were integrated to support this 2.2 billion dollar joint venture.
ledcor refinery primavera schedule
Client: LEDCOR
PSG developed LEDCOR's baseline schedule, resource and cost loaded performing weekly updates including schedule naratives.

PSG is an Oracle Primavera Speciailized Partner and it's team have been assisting companies like yours for years providing full-time primavera schedulers for short term or long term assignments. Our Primavera Consultants offer extensive experience managing projects in the public and private sectors.

Oracle Primavera Software (Primavera P6 , Primavera Contract Management, Primavera Project Planner (P3), SureTrak & Primavera Contractor
Microsoft Software (Microsoft Project 2003/2007/2010, SharePoint)

PSG Project Controls personnel are experienced project management professionals with proven results leading teams to successful outcomes on large-scale projects including: planning, development, initiation, execution, controlling and closure. Working primarily as consultants, PSG adaptability and diversity of project work provides the unique ability to transition easily across multiple technologies, processes, and environments. Highly skilled in coordination of project scheduling, cost, procurement and construction teams in both weak and strong matrix environments. PSG staff have applied their expertise on a variety of projects including, refinery, manufacturing facilities, Bio-pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals, high tech laboratories, aerospace, highway and transit, environmental mitigation, office buildings and renovations. PSG is proficient in claims avoidance, cost control and analysis, schedule and budget development reporting, and coordinating with private businesses, state, local and federal agencies.

  • Project Management
  • Project Review & Feasibility
  • Contract Administration
  • Claims Avoidance
  • Claims Analysis & Mitigation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Cost Control
  • Schedule And Budget Development Reporting
  • Complete C.P.M. Scheduling
  • Baseline Schedule Preparation
  • Resource Loading
  • Monthly Updates
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Time Impact Change Orders
  • Cost / Schedule Integration
  • Trending/Change Control
  • Project Database, Information and Reporting
  • Master Schedule Preparation
  • Primavera Scheduling Consultants

If you have project scheduling requirements or need assistance with either long or short term project support personnel we are able to support you project needs.

For Help or Assistance, Please Contact Us today if you would like more information about our services

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