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Make sure you know what Primavera Software application is really right for your project! Our Primavera Consultants will perform the critical business analysis necessary to understand what Primavera Software tool best fits your immediate needs and long term project mangement goals. It is important to understand the subtle differences when trying to ensure your project requirements are met to know with confidence that your project execution is under control and that projects will be delivered on time, on budget.

For more information on Primavera Software or to have one of our Primavera Consultants perform a critical business analysis for the suitable Primavera software specific to your industry whether it be: Construction, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Engineering, Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense or Public Sector contact us at 866.823.1890

Primavera Software Applications Available to You


Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Primavera Enterprise Project
Portfolio Management

Oracle's Primavera P6 Professional

Oracle’s Primavera P6 Professional

Oracle's Primavera Earned Value Management

Oracle’s Primavera Earned Value Management

Primavera Contract Management

Primavera Contract Management

Oracle's Primavera Contractor Software

Oracle’s Primavera Contractor Software

Oracle's Primavera Risk Analysis

Oracle’s Primavera Risk Analysis


Primavera Software Online is Easy

Are You a Primavera P3 or SureTrak Software User?

Both these primavera software solutions were discontinued in 2010.

Even though Primavera continues to support these products, Windows version 7 & 8 have made it nearly impossible for any company to effectivly manage their projects on these platforms. The simple fact is software does have a shelf life and if your like most of our clients Primavera P3 and SureTrak certainly have paid for them selves over the years as will Primaver P6 when you upgrade to it.

Prescient Solutions Group (PSG) can answer questions to helo you perform the critical business analysis of what primavera software is best for you today. If you have found P3 and SureTrak valuable for managing your projects. You should consider upgrading to Primavera P6 Professional PPM or Primavera P6 EPPM. Our Primavera Consultants can assist you in your due dilligence and critical business analysis to find a viable upgrade to your existing Primavera software.

Oracle Primavera Software

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    Primavera P6 EPPM

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    Primavera P6 Professional

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    Primavera Portfolio Management

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    Primavera Risk Analysis

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    Primavera Contract Management

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    Primavera Contractor