Resource Capacity Planning

Maximize the return from your people

Oracle Primavera enables organizations to gain optimal results from their most valuable asset -- their people. To speed time-to-results, companies must quickly find the right people and form cross-departmental teams to resolve complex problems. With a limited number of skilled people available, organizations must optimize their processes for staffing teams and include people from different regions to assure that all requirements are met. Maximizing resource utilization through capacity planning reduces organizational costs while delivering successful programs.

Oracle Primavera enables organizations to:

  • Allocate the right people at the right time
  • Balance resource capacity and project demand
  • Manage resource requests and staffing
  • Identify and track key skills and experience

Evaluate future capacity by role for improved planning

Allocate the Right People at the Right Time

Quickly search for and select qualified people based on availability and/or skills across the entire global organization.

Balance Resource Capacity and Project Demand

View portfolio summaries that contain resource demand and project status by organizational breakdown structure (OBS) hierarchies such as geography, departments, project type and resource roles. Conduct a "what-if" type analysis on projects to see how demand requirements change.

Manage Resource Requests and Staffing

Communicate resource requirements to resource managers in an efficient and orderly manner. Give resource managers the tools needed to locate and deploy people with the right skills from both internal and external sources to meet the business need and to communicate with them during the entire process.

Identify and Track Key Skills and Experience

Confront the challenge of realizing the full potential of your skilled resources by tracking, categorizing and organizing skills. Quickly identify the optimum resources available for each work effort.

Core Functionality

Oracle Primavera P6 offers core project and portfolio management functionality, no matter what business you support. This core functionality provides organizations the ability to unify and simplify PPM information and processes into a single system of record.


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